More-Lang Pro Tutorial

How to Install

More-Lang Pro is an add-on to More-Lang, More-Lang 1.8.8+ is required for this release of More-Lang Pro.

After activation, More-Lang Pro will add a More-Lang Pro section to the More-Lang Plugin Setting page(and a PRO Vx.x.x sign on the top-right),
and add a menu item URI-map to the navigation sidebar menu.


The More-Lang doesn’t support some Post editor plugins(e.g., page builder like Elementor, SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, etc.).
By setting More-Lang Pro URI-map, we can support those plugins for specific Posts.

An example to set URI-map:

1. Create a new Post for the default language, its Permalink is: http://localhost:8080/wp5_t/demo-post-1/, like the following screen shot.

2. Create 2 more Posts for the non-default languages, with the following Permalinks: http://localhost:8080/wp5_t/demo-post-1-in-chinese/,

3. Add the 3 Permalinks to the URI-map, as the following screen shot. Note that the http://localhost:8080 part(Scheme & Host & Port) should not be included.

Then, it is ready for multilingual navigation.

If the URI-map is not needed, turn off the Disable the URI-map option in the More-Lang Plugin Setting page.

And by default, the More-Lang fields are not added to the Post editor, if this is not expected, turn on the Add More-Lang fields to the Post editor when the Post is in URI-map option in the More-Lang Plugin Setting page

Plugins Support

In the Enable plugin support section of the More-Lang Plugin Setting page, there are 3 options: WooCommerce, TinyMCE, Max Mega Menu.

TinyMCE is for Black Studio TinyMCE plugin and SiteOrigin Widget Editor plugin (Since newer WooCommerce releases provide native rich editor Widgets, these 2 plugins may be seldom used now).

Max Mega Menu is for the Max Mega Menu plugin, if it is needed, turn on the option.


To support WooCommerce, in the More-Lang Plugin Setting page, turn on the WooCommerce option, and add shop_order to the list of Do not add More-Lang fields to the Post editor when:…the Post Type is in,
see this screen shot for reference.

The following screen shots show all the WooCommerce fields support added by More-Lang Pro (some fields are already supported by More-Lang).

1. WooCommerce – Settings – General.
2. WooCommerce – Settings – Shipping – Method title.
3. WooCommerce – Settings – Payments – Direct bank transfer. Check payments, Cash on delivery and PayPal are similar.
4. WooCommerce – Settings – Accounts & Privacy.
5. WooCommerce – Settings – Emails.
6. WooCommerce – Settings – Emails – Completed order.
New order, Cancelled order, Failed order, Order on-hold, Processing order, Refunded order, Customer invoice / Order details, Customer note, Reset password and New account are similar.
7. Products – Product short description.
8. Products – Purchase note.
9. Products – Variations – Description.
10. Products – Attributes.
This and other Attributes related panels are similar to the Categories, refer to the Categories to learn other panels if you don’t have More-Lang Pro installed.