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More-Lang Pro Tutorial

How to Install

More-Lang Pro is an add-on to More-Lang, More-Lang 2.3.0+ is required for this release of More-Lang Pro.

After activation, More-Lang Pro will add menu items Pro Settings and URI-map to the navigation sidebar menu.

The following is the More-Lang Pro Plugin Settings page.

Translations of Options

Some Plugins & Themes save their configurations as WordPress options (i.e., saved in the “wp_options” table, the table name may change according to the setting).

If some options are expected to be translated, select them in the Translations of Options page. The list can be searched by option name or option value.

Translating panels will be generated automatically for the selected options according to their data structures.


The More-Lang doesn’t support some Post editor plugins(e.g., page builder like Elementor, etc.).
By setting More-Lang Pro URI-map, we can support those plugins for specific Posts.

If there are many Posts, it will be hard to maintain the URI-map. In general, the mapping-rows had better be less than 100. And WooCommerce Product is not recommended to be used in URI-map.

An example to set URI-map:

1. Create a new Post for the default language, its Permalink is: http://localhost:8080/wp5_t/demo-post-1/, like the following screen shot.

2. Create 2 more Posts for the non-default languages, with the following Permalinks: http://localhost:8080/wp5_t/demo-post-1-in-chinese/,

3. Add the 3 Permalinks to the URI-map, as the following screen shot. Note that the http://localhost:8080 part(Scheme & Host & Port) should not be included.

Then, it is ready for multilingual navigation.

If the URI-map is not needed, turn off the Disable the URI-map option in the More-Lang Pro Plugin Settings page.

And by default, the More-Lang fields are not added to the Post editor, if this is not expected, turn on the Add More-Lang fields to the Post editor when the Post is in URI-map option in the More-Lang Pro Plugin Setting page

Plugins Support

In the Enable plugin support section of the More-Lang Pro Plugin Settings page, there are 4 options: WooCommerce, Currency Switcher, TinyMCE, Max Mega Menu.

TinyMCE is for Black Studio TinyMCE plugin and SiteOrigin Widget Editor plugin (Since newer WooCommerce releases provide native rich editor Widgets, these 2 plugins may be seldom used now).

Max Mega Menu is for the Max Mega Menu plugin, if it is needed, turn on the option.


To support WooCommerce, in the More-Lang Pro Plugin Settings page, turn on the WooCommerce option, and add shop_order to the list of Do not add More-Lang fields to the Post editor when:…the Post Type is in,
see this screen shot for reference.

The following screen shots show all the WooCommerce fields support added by More-Lang Pro (some other fields are already supported by More-Lang).

1. WooCommerce – Settings – General.
2. WooCommerce – Settings – Shipping – Method title.
3. WooCommerce – Settings – Payments – Direct bank transfer. Check payments, Cash on delivery and PayPal are similar.
4. WooCommerce – Settings – Accounts & Privacy.
5. WooCommerce – Settings – Emails.
6. WooCommerce – Settings – Emails – Completed order.
New order, Cancelled order, Failed order, Order on-hold, Processing order, Refunded order, Customer invoice / Order details, Customer note, Reset password and New account are similar.
7. Products – Product short description.
8. Products – Purchase note.
9. Products – Variations – Description.
10. Products – Attributes.
This and other Attributes related panels are similar to the Categories, refer to the Categories to learn other panels if you don’t have More-Lang Pro installed.
11. WooCommerce – Orders.
The Order languages will be shown in a new column named “Language” (The language will also be shown in the “Edit order” page).
The Orders can be filtered by language.

Currency Switcher

The Currency Switcher is for WooCommerce Currency Switcher by PluginUs.NET.
After enabling it, A new section “Currency” will be added to each locale in the More-Lang Plugin Settings page, see the following screen shot: